Mohammedia (Casablanca), Morocco, 24.05.2009

The last week, not much happened. Neither at work, nor in my spare time. On monday I welcomed my new roommate and colleague, who turned out to be great comrade. The following pictures where all shot this weekend and yesterday we encountered a wedding ceremony in the park and when I started to shoot some pictures of this interesting Moroccan tradition, several people stopped me abruptly. But a first argument turned into an interesting short chat about cultures and the islamic idea of the picture. I knew, that in several islamic countries, pictures of people are forbidden, but since Morocco presented itself as a quite liberal western country to me, I saw no issue there. But anyway, I am a little disappointed, that I can not show the nice and also interesting wedding pictures to my web site. All other people on my page agreed to be shown.

Dejan and Jan:

In a pool club:

Alp and Abhishek

The beach at night

The international team: Croatia, Germany, Turkey and India (not on the picture: the colleagues from France, Egypt, Morocco, Hungary and two more colleagues from Germany)

Dinner on Daniel's roof top:

with a good mood into the sunset

the sea in sight:

and our working place on the other side:

the view towards our home (2nd rd left, at the trees on the left corner of this picture)

the park at night:

good drinks and nice food above Mohammedia:

another picture of the park at ca. 10pm

satellite dishes on the rooftop:

We plan to visit other places in morocco soon, so check later for updates!

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