Mohammedia (Casablanca), Morocco, 02.06.2009

Again not much happened last week. I don't want to write about the work, but we had a nice weekend. One colleague left Mohammedia and gave us his beach apartment key, so we had a BBQ on his terrace with sea view. On sunday we went to the beach for swimming (actually it was a little cold for me) and we checked for boat rentals in order to go sailing next weekend. Also we plan to go to Casablanca, Marrakech and Rabat soon.

Road signs in Morocco


arriving at another beach at the delta of a small river

horse riding is quite popular at the beach, also quads can be rented.


The sunset from our roof,..

The skin of a lamb on our roof,. but the rest was clean.

The view to the north,..

The mosque close by,.. Usually I can't see, but hear it,.. at night,.. early morning, daytime, evening, late,.. Actually I sometimes woke up because of the prayers.

another picture from our roof,..

me in a cafe close by,..

with "Chai", a moroccan herbal tea. Really delicious!

The view to the beach with some cafes from the terrace of our colleague,..

four engineers trying to set up a simple bbq grill,..

finally succeeding and making the first fire,.. with crackers,..

the look at the beach at night,..


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