Mohammedia (Casablanca), Morocco, 17.05.2009

Three continents in one week! Sounds strange? Well, since our return from the Philippines, I traveled first to a power station close to Hong Kong, where I stayed for one month.

Then one week Shanghai and after that another month in a mud hole close to Tianjin, called Huanghua (or also close to Beijing, where I also had a stopover). Then I returned to Shanghai, where I visited the Shanghai Car exhibition. While escaping from the crowds, I got a phone call from my boss, who asked me to return to Germany right away to receive my new task. This new task now leaded me to Morocco, where I am now after one short week to get prepared in Germany.

Actually this place is really nice. Not too hot, not to cold, close to the beach, the apartment is nice, the village (a suburb of Casablanca) is small but also nice. Due to the working regulations I have more spare time than ever, which gives me much time to walk around and to write reports for the web site.

Some things here actually are strange. The rules of the men and the ladies seem to be changed. The men are sitting in groups in the cafes, drinking tea (chai is a really tasty local tea), chatting, etc., while just few ladies show up. Some are dressed up like models, some are hidden according to the strict Islamic fashion standard. I heard, that it is forbidden, that ladies and men are sharing one taxi, if they are not related or married. On the other side, I saw some "professionals", who where picked up from the backrooms of the cafes, followed their customers to the outside and followed him in a second taxi. Like in China, where prostitution is also prohibited, it is just hidden. I am actually happy about that, because it is interesting to watch that interaction and clear procedure. Another really good thing about this place is the supermarket. There you get almost everything, what you also get in western markets.

Three pictures from China: the ten most INvaluable silver coins of China:

The main road of Huanghua after some rainfall:

The warm welcome of a restaurant in Cangzhou (close to Beijing):

The first night in the Hotel in Mohammedia:

Soccer at the beach:


Fresh fish right from the boat,..

..and tomatoes from donkey cars

Medina (the old city of Mohammedia):

The night in Mohammedia

No Vodka, just water and tea,...

the view from my balcony:

The view from a cafe at the beach:

with the seats:

Restaurants in Morocco:

The beggars are not as annoying as in China.

Crowded restaurants in medina (the old city of Mohammedia)

At the gates

on the road:


and this friendly men even asked me to shoot a portrait!

and at last, me again:

So now I have a cold Corona, while I am writing this. So soon will be more to come about Morocco, covering also other cities. I will have much time..

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