Mohammedia (Casablanca), Morocco, 31.08.2009

The sailing trip in Turkey

Sure, some people visit their family, when they have 5 days off, but my wife is some 12,000 km east, which equals two days travel time from here to each direction, so I decided to do the practical exam of an international sailing license. Last year I already passed the theoretical exam and since the theory exam is just valid for 2 years and thinking about my family development, I wouldn't get the chance to finish this within this time limit. So I took a flight from Casablanca in Africa to Istanbul in Europe, then a connection flight to Dalaman in Asia. Three continents within just a few hours, who can beat this?

Well, my trip should start in Marmaris in Turkey, but I arrived at night and the boat didn't arrive yet, so I spent one night in a small hotel, where I also relaxed the next morning in a hammock. The week couldn't start better!

I got picked up at this little hotel pier

and we took the first tour with lots of maneuver training

A great thing about sailing is, that you are free to go, where you want to go, you have your own home with you and when the weather is good and warm, it is really comfortable to sleep on deck under the stars

and our Skipper had a close look, that we followed the instructions

and in the evenings we relaxed from the exhausting maneuver training

The "Viva Solo" after taking fuel in the harbor of Marmaris

and the view to the port with the restaurants

on the open sea again,..

with sufficient wind,..

every night we stopped in small bays and we ate our dinner in small but nice restaurants at the beaches.

and enjoyed the moonrise,..

and selected the dishes for the next dinner,..

In this small bay we ate a complete lamb for dinner,..


but before I was swimming in the bay and then climbing the rocks!

Open air electric devices in Turkey,..

and the moonrise in this bay,..

another harbor, where we stayed one night,..

Actually the water was really warm and nice. I must say, that I liked much more to sail in Turkey than in Greece.

and the last bay with the small pier of the restaurant.

and the successful team!

Hey Guys, thanks a lot for this great week! Thanks to Thomas, our Skipper with his boat Viva Solo, ( and Susann from Ilios-Yachting! Good luck for the next cruises and let's keep contact for the next trips!

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