Mohammedia (Casablanca), Morocco, 29.08.2009

Since my last report I have been to Turkey for the practical exam of my SKS sailing license and I will write another report about that trip later. The license already was approved by the German Authorities and sent to my home. Last week we had two national holidays on thursday and friday, where we where not allowed to work, so I stepped on the bus heading north to visit Tangier and Chefchauen. But one islamic tradition meant to change the life of all of us for one month after that Saturday: Ramadan. Ramadan simply changes the whole life in islamic countries. It means, that people are not eating, smoking or drinking ANYTHING between sunrise and sunset. After sunset (some 7pm right now) an air strike siren sounds and then the restaurants may open. The working time is changed and all restaurants, cafes, etc are closed during daytime. But Alcoholic drinks are even forbidden at night. a few days before Ramadan, we went to a french supermarket and the corner with drinks was closed and a guide was making sure, that no one comes in. Well, no moroccan! That corner is still open to tourists, which are not moslems and we got many envying sights by others. At that point, a tidy and friendly looking man in the mid 40th asked me, if I could buy him 5 bottles of beer! He immediately wanted to give me the money and take the beer outside, but I heard, that for this kind of smuggling beer, even I could get a sensitive punishment. Somehow this reminded me of teenagers in Germany, who ask elder people to buy cigarettes or wine for them. Strange, that adults can not decide by themselves about such things.

The view from Africa to Europe

Tangier is located ad the street of Gibraltar and I even could see the mountains of Spain.

Fishing boats in the harbor of Tangier

The Medina and the Kasbah of Tangier

The Cafe Baba above is well known and inside where pictures with Mick Jagger and some royals from different countries in the world.



The building on the left belonged to Barbara Hutton.





Tangier is quite nice, but as most places, where are too many tourists, many people try to take an advantage on you.

The beach of Tangier

Actually the part close to the harbor was extremely dirty and I didn't even want to walk to the water. But with a greater distance, the water and the beach becomes clean. Actually the water is much more cold than in Casablanca!

The next morning I took the bus to my next target. Actually my bus was much worse than what can be seen on this picture. Nothing for pussies,..

The "Grand Taxis", long distance taxis. They can not operate within the city and you can share the fee wit up to seven (!!!)! passengers plus driver in one car.

the mosque close to the bus station


failed traffic,..

After some 3 hours by bus I arrived in Chefchauen, which lies in the Rif mountains.

I must say, that Chefchauen is the most beautiful moroccan city, which I visited yet. By coincidence I didn't chose a hotel, but a guesthouse, like where I used to sleep on my travels in Asia and I did not regret it. So a recommendation for single travelers for meeting interesting other travelers: go to guesthouses. I had great encounters and a really interesting evening, which ended up with drinks (for others even some joints) and two guitars on the roof top of the guesthouse.

Close to the village are waterfalls, which where frequently used for the drinking water supply, for swimming and washing.

The Spanish build a mosque above the city to keep the prayers outside. By that time, this Mosque was a blame for the Moslems, but now it is being reconstructed.

Also a jewish cemetery is close to this Mosque

The houses are mainly painted blue and white. Almost every rooftop is accessible and some are nicely decorated.

The Mosque from the village,..



The gate to the waterfalls

an old spanish square


The view from our rooftop

The beds on the roof are available for 30 Dirhams (some 3 Euros) per night. But be aware, that people are playing guitar at the point, from where I shot those pictures!

The Medina of Chefchauen


..and the Kashba

The night view from a hotel (the only place which serves beer during Ramadan)

and the views from our rooftop




Departure with a grand taxi, which was a Mercedes 200D E-Class from the 70th, running millions of kilometers and still in daily service. The ultimate proof for the Quality made in Germany!

I agree, the shape wasn't the best anymore. Chrome parts almost fell off, the window doesn't work anymore, neither does the Tachometer, but all that is just secondary,..

we found our way,..

Then I took a bus, heading for Casablanca again. Do you see the foot, hanging out of the van? This car was packed to the top with people!

Also the door of our bus didn't close anymore. Therefore we had one driver and two guides/officers. Actually we lost the roof window with a terrible slam on the roof on the way. Shortly after the clock dropped from the ceiling.

Anyway, by taking the bus, you must concern extra money for nothing. I paid 27 Dirhams for the trip from Ouezzane to Casablanca, but when I entered the bus, a guy wanted to take my bag to put it below my seat. I refused, but he insisted, so OK, I gave it to him, some 2 seconds later he asked me for 5 Dirham for storing my bag. Also on the bus to Chefchauen, the guy asked for 10 Dirhams just for putting my bag into the storage container below the bus.

Still you find donkey and horse cars everywhere.

passing through Rabat, back at the Atlantic coast!

and the bus station of Rabat

The bus was going directly from Rabat to Casablanca, but I could convince the driver (and the two officers) to drop me off on the open road close to Mohammedia, where I took a petit taxi back to my home.

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