Mohammedia (Casablanca), Morocco, 15.06.2009

As usual, we could not work at the weekend, so we had a BBQ on our roof top on friday and on saturday we spent 20 minutes on the train to the city center of Casablanca, where we had a nice day and a great evening with surprising encounters. Actually Casablanca is more nice than expected. Our colleagues remarked, that there is not much to see, which might be true, but what we saw was much more exiting that everything in Mohammedia. The Lady among us liked the shopping street, we all where amazed by the Cathedral and the Mosque and Patrick and me had a great night, which ended up at great live music in "Amstrong Legend" at the Beach of Casablanca. The visit in the famous Rick's Cafe ended at the doors, first of all because of the opening times and second because of our clothing (tourist gear). Also Amstrong Legend, which was on the top of our list first was closed, since it opens after midnight as a night club. Our second choice (Le Trica) is well hidden and on our search we met some french guys, who didn't just tell us the way, but also invited us to stay for drinks and snacks. The talks with them was great and quite late we left for Le Trica, which then was closed, so we returned to Amstrong Legend again. But even the taxi ride was an adventure. The two guys in the taxi where smoking and drinking beer. After leaving the bar early in the morning, we had another taxi adventure. Since we asked for a long distance taxi to Mohammedia, the bouncer guarded us down the road, where 5 people where sitting in an old Mercedes. They where kicked out, we got seated and we drove into the night. Today we just had a relaxing day at the beach.

The view from my window at full moon:

The night before the election in Morocco. For us it was more like a football match, where fans support their teams

The Friday's BBQ on our roof:

A normal transport in Mohammedia:

Muhammed V place in Casablanca


Cathedrale du Sacre Coeur

The entrance of the Medina


Inside the Medina

Several goods where also available at the Xiang Yang market in Shanghai,...

Since side streets ant the famous Rick's Cafe. The Rick's cafe is actually a copy of the set in Hollywood, not vice versa, but it is still recommended as a nice place in Casablanca. Don't come with shorts and sneakers,..

The road to the Hassan II Mosque. To some lists, it is the second biggest mosque, to some others the fifth biggest mosque in the world. Anyway, this is impressive, but still I more like Cologne's cathedral.

Also the mosque in Ashgabat looked more impressive to me.

The beach resorts in Casablanca, actually they more appear like a zoo to us From the walkway, you have a great overview to the sun chairs and to the people, who try to forget the people at the other side of the fence.

But there where also good restaurants with nice views to the resorts,..

where we could see a spectacular fight between two men at first and later between two groups.

The beach in Casa was quite crowded and not as nice as the beach in Mohammedia


and to the other side, there are a few ruins,..

and the ATM pretended to know German,..

The encounter with a great evening on the roof terrace


And now, Ladies and Gentlemen, the Malone's of Casablanca: Amstrong Legend

As usual in Morocco, the dress code is: no runners, no shorts, some 15 Euros for entrance fee and simple cocktails. But the music is worth it. This band rocks!

and the crowds are great,..

So after this great night, we spent a relaxing day at the beach of Mohammedia


where we also jumped into the sea,....

Next weekend we plan to go to Rabat or Marrakesh, but for sure we also will spend the other night in Casa again.

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